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Why Sport Psychology?

The challenges of reaching higher levels of performance

Becoming an esports pro-player doesn’t come without facing challenges. There are language and cultural barriers, performance pressure, expectations from fans and coaches to meet. Some players, at best, learn how to face these challenges the hard way. Others hit a plateau state and don’t know how to develop further.

This is where sports psychology and TMC comes to help you. We provide you with high-performance tools that contribute to your path towards excellence. We prepare you to build habits and a mindset that let you perform at your best. A mindset that let you perform in both at local tournaments or at a quarterfinals game against SKT, similar to how Misfits Gaming did with their LOL team in the 2017 World Championship.

Think for a moment on a gamer you admire. It could be one of the all-time great gamers like Faker, Dendi, Rekkles or Coldzera. Your choice. Once you have it on your mind, think about what are those characteristics that make up this great gamer. Probably, you’re thinking about their “great mechanics” and “extensive game knowledge”. We can easily notice that great gamers are not only about mechanical superiority and game knowledge. Although these two are necessary, they are not sufficient to be a great professional (otherwise there would be tons of “great players”). So, there are “mental elements” that come into play.

Think about it in another way: we all have witnessed those “he/she is trolling” or “he/she is tilted” moments while watching pro games. Even though they’ve had many hours of practice, where all their mechanical and strategic skills are well rounded, there are other skills and issues that are normally overlooked, such as tilting, lack of confidence, lack of focus, fears, emotions, etc., which interfere with their stage performance.

Our job as performance coaches is to help gamers develop a high-performance mindset, deal with stressful situations. Also to have all the required skills (in and out of the game) to perform at the highest level. If you decide to work on the mental side of gaming, it doesn’t mean you have a problem or you’re “mentally weak”, it simply means that you’re willing to work on all aspects of gaming to become a better player.

The sports psychologist need is increasing year by year in the industry. Currently, several LoL teams including Misfits gaming, Fnatic, TSM and Schalke 04 have sports psychologist in their staff. Also, sports scientists are contributing to the development of players performance by providing apps, websites, workshops and many other resources. Yet, the resources available on the mental side of gaming are still limited. This is why we have decided to create this space, where we can offer tools, skills, and discussions to anyone who’s passionate about gaming and improvement.

Hopefully, we sparked your interest to do whatever it takes to become the gamer you’ve always wanted to be, by gaining the winning edge not only on your mechanical abilities and game knowledge but also by cultivating a mindset that will help you reach even higher levels of performance.

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Ismael Pedraza

Currently working with esports organization Rogue as their performance coach for the LoL team. He also has 8 years of coaching and performance counseling experience with different high-performance traditional sports like football, swimming, athletics, darts, etc. Best ADC in LoL and Clash Royale player of TMC.

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