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5 Tips to Parenting a Gamer

The industry is young and moves at a grueling pace. Parents don’t understand, fans don’t forgive, and the big money goes to a few.

Getting paid to play video games is the real deal. However, becoming the lucky few who actually make a living from streaming or esports is not easy. The road is filled with obstacles and moments where the end may seem unclear, yet many players continue to chase this goal. Esports is no exception and the importance of support could be the difference between ‘making it’ or failing. 

This article is aimed at the players and parents who are struggling with the fact that their child dreams of becoming a professional gamer or a streamer. Being a parent in this day and age, when technology is constantly present in our lives is not easy. For parents, playing video games was nothing more than that, playing games. But gaming has become so much more than that. Esports was born and is offering many interesting career paths.

With this in mind, we decided to give you 5 tips on how you can be more supportive:

  1. Be open-minded. Children should play sports from a young age in order to facilitate optimal physical, emotional and social development. If esports is your child’s sport of interest, then the best piece of advice we can offer is to inform yourself of what it’s all about. Engage with your child and learn from them. A simple google search on the current status of esports will enthral your mind. With esports confirmed as a medal event at the next 2019 Southeast Asian Games and striving to be part of the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris there is no better time to ride the wave of the future, and what better way to do it then with your child.
  2. What I want vs. what they want. Understand the difference between what you want and what your kid wants. Nowadays, children don’t necessarily always follow in their parents’ footsteps. Forcing them to do something they don’t like can be counterproductive and damaging to your relationship. Put their needs in front of your own.
  3. Encourage but don’t push. Esport is not easy, so make sure to have plenty of encouragement in store. Just because you heard that the next TI prizepool is $20 million, doesn’t mean that your kid will become a millionaire. Don’t push them, they already have so much on their plates. Thread lightly and pay attention to what you are saying.
  4. Support but don’t embarrass. In certain situations, winning isn’t everything. Make sure to remember that when your kid is out there on the stage. Remember, this was their choice. Don’t act like a raging lunatic. You are just a spectator who happens to have a large influence on that kid on the stage. Use this relationship to promote growth and development.
  5. Throwing in the towel. Players have limits. Not everyone will get to compete at the top level. When your kid comes to tell you that they are done, listen to what they have to say. Help them out. Be present and attentive. In this transition period they will need your support more than ever.

If you worry that your kid will never attend a college or university, don’t. Several universities in the USA, Canada and around the world are offering esports scholarship. Following the trend of traditional sport, it is important to provide support to young players should they choose esports. The truth is, the stage is brutal and unkind. Many players try only to fail. The reasons for that can be many, but one of them could be the lack of support and understanding from their families. Don’t be that reason.

© Photos by Michal Konkol – LoL Esports Photos 2019

Milan Dumić

Currently working with Red Star Esports organization as their performance coach for LoL and FIFA teams. Next to that, 8 years of experience working with professional athletes, gamers, and organizations. As a lifelong video gamer, he enjoys to play video games and keep up with the current trends in the gaming and esports industry.

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